Super Seconds Saturday and Thread

So as creatives we all have a little mishap or the ink ends up all over our hands instead of over the screen right?  I actually managed to double print one piece and thought it looked cool.  It looked quite 3D.  So does this make it a special print or a second?


Well we had a little debate about it at home.  My engineer guru thought it was very special, particularly bearing in mind it was tools!  Would someone else see it like that or would they think it was an imperfect?


So, without offering it to the public, I decided to use it to make face masks!  In the end one of the face masks went to someone who would've appreciated it.  However, not everything ends up so well.  Some people are very happy to have these happy accidents as they are part and parcel of the hand printed process.


My box of special fabrics was reducing and then Sophie from Ink and Bear introduced #supersecondssaturday on Instagram.  I was keen to support this and then I did another few runs of printing and hey presto, just like that I had a pile of seconds!  


Some of these fabrics are quite special.  The guinea fowl are the first ones I've printed in rainbow colours.  It's a great way of getting rainbow fabrics but these came at the end of the day when ink was everywhere and I was wanting to get cleaned up, but I just couldn't help myself.  I wanted rainbow fowl.


If it hadn't been for #supersecondssaturday, I might have cut these up and made something but it seemed like a great opportunity to see whether you love them.  


Do you see that silver swallows' fabric?  Well that one is a favourite.  If it doesn't sell tomorrow, it'll be mine!  I just love the swallows.  I love how the ink sits on the fabric and they are multi-coloured.  The beauty is that each one is different.  No two can be the same if they are printed with different coloured inks on the screen.  


The hedgies are always popular.  I do plan on making something with the babies.  I realised on Saturday how many people they attracted at Farnham Maltings.


Oh how good it was last week to do something normal and be able to talk fabric and all things sewing with like minded people.  I was quite worried about whether people would come with only about half of last year's visitors.  I needn't have worried.  This gave more time to talk to friends and make new friends.

I was slightly worried whether I would have enough stock for Thread, but when I rounded it all up it was all fine.  My stall looked a picture of colour, which is just how I like it.  I do, however, need to make a name plate for the front.


Anyway, I hope you all have a fabtastic weekend.  I hope that the weather is not too depressing where you are and you get plenty of sewing or craft time in.


I would love it if you could support the small indy businesses who are doing #supersecondssaturday tomorrow.  You will find my contribution to this on my website under "Super Seconds Saturday".  The items are available to view now, but will become alive to purchase at 10 am tomorrow morning.  I should remind you that if you're in the UK, postage becomes "free" after £30 has been spent!


Happy Friyay everyone!