Picture of Essex linen strawberries in a rainbow of colours with white print
Red linen with white print strawberries.

Helen Steele

STRAWBERRIES - Essex Linen Screen Printed - Hand Printed - Handcrafted Strawberry

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Who doesn't love a strawberry?  


Handcrafted fabric hand printed by me in Wiltshire.  I have designed these panels myself, based on an idea that I would like to work with some individual funky fabric. These strawberries are meant to look organic and handcrafted.


Fabric size: 17.5 inches x 13.5 inches (45 cms x 34.5 cms)

Printed panel size: 15.5 inches x 10.75 inches (40 cms x 28 cms)

Approx size of each strawberry: 1.25 inches x 1 inch (3.5 cms x 2.54 cms)

Printed: Landscape


(NB: Please take a moment to check a tape measure if you're not sure: I do this all the time as I'm such a visual learner.)

All heat set and ready to use.


Washing instructions - wash on a low temperature and look after.  Please see washing instructions page.