Group of Swallow fabrics in red, yellow, medium aqua, aqua, two greys and a champagne with mixed colour swallows
Medium aqua panel with mixed colour swallows
SWALLOWS - Essex Linen Screen Printed, Hand Printed, Handcrafted Swallow

Helen Steele

SWALLOWS - Essex Linen Screen Printed, Hand Printed, Handcrafted Swallow

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Handcrafted fabric hand printed by me in Wiltshire.  I have designed these panels myself, based on an idea that I would like to work with some individual funky fabric. These swallows are meant to look organic and handcrafted.


Whilst in the garden during Lockdown in 2020, we have watched the swallows fly over the garden and give the owl what for.  One particular swallow has sat on the chimney stack and sung his little heart out looking for a mate.  I have spent some time just watching them and the various colours of the underside of the birds (and others).  For a long time I wanted to create a bird screen print and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.  


Fabric size: 17.5 inches x 13.5 inches (45 cms x 34.5 cms)

Printed panel size: 15.25 inches x 10.75 inches (40 cms x 28 cms)

Approx size of each swallow: 1.5 inches x 1.12 inches (4.4 cms x 3.4 cms)

Printed: Landscape although you could use this either way.


Some of these swallows are printed with solid colours and some not solid.  In the colour choices, if something is marked M, it will indicate a mix of colours, this is intentional and adds to its beauty.   Those not marked M are solid prints. Hand printed fabrics, particularly the mixed colours, are one-off prints and cannot be replicated.  They are great to sew with and totally original.


(NB: Please take a moment to check a tape measure if you're not sure: I do this all the time as I'm such a visual learner.)

All heat set and ready to use.


Washing instructions - wash on a low temperature and look after.  Please see washing instructions page.